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nozaki mayu’s prototype

My rough summary of the right column: Mayu’s character design was originally suppose to be a girl, but Tsubaki-sensei thought her [Mayu’s] compatibility with the male characters, especially Mikoshiba, would have been bad so Mayu became a boy. [Reason being that] it would’ve been a bunch of high school boys being flustered in front of a quiet middle school girl. Also, as opposed to the more aloof eldest/second son, the daughter would’ve been the more intense (or high tension) character in the Nozaki family (taking after their father).

My note: Basically the imagery of the usual goofy Nozaki crew being their derpy self around a stoic younger female student would’ve been strange and the mood of the story would’ve been different

The center is female Mayu holding a sign saying “Originally female.” Text next to her says, “Female version appears quiet, stoic, and smart. Mayu.”

Captions under the picture: It’s too bad because if the idea was executed well, [Mayu] could’ve been the bishoujo (beauty) that this manga is lacking.

Column on the lower right: 

Nozaki: My younger sister turned into a guy. 

Mikoshiba: Ehh? It’s my fault?


What I think this implies is that Mayu was originally the female character intended to be paired with Mikorin. Kufufu. Tsubaki-sensei is damn good at teasing.


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